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Building Team managers know the best practices, are sensitive to timelines and keep a close eye on quality craftsmanship to ensure Mora Construction products are always in the A+ zone.


Our experience and up-to-date construction know-how puts our building standards above the rest. Let our dedicated building teams bring the plans to light with unmatched attention to detail and craftsmanship that will endure.

Design Build

From new homes and complexes to additions and challenging remodels, we'll help you design your new space with the latest practices and style.

No Limitations

We can design and build your imagination revealed. Our veteran experience includes the design build of any material and concept imaginable ... wood, metal, glass, tile, rock, stone, fire, water, dirt, grass, flora, fauna and every view out of any window.


We are smart and dedicated people who build smart and dedicated homes. Our work is designed and built to last ... we take home construction very seriously so that you stay pleased and our final products will endure.


Building on an existing structure with a seamless result is a challenge that we are experts at solving. While there are always surprises, Mora Construction is familiar with an array of problem-solving expertise for an added space that is harmonious.

Your Style

Thinking outside the box? Looking for an environment design never before attempted or seen? We specialize in custom design and building for unique living and working spaces that are extraordinary.


There are many houses that just need some makeover work for a brand new look. Many homeowners don't understand the fresh image that can be accomplished with the structure they already have. We work wonders on existing infrastructures.

Code & Beyond

Every design and construction plan needs to adhere to current city, county and state codes, at a minimum, but that doesn't guarantee a structure or component will last. Our design and construction will target gaps in vulnerabilities and strengthen sensitive areas beyond code to ensure inhabitant safety and structural integrity.


From the elegance of interior design and finishing to the majestic look and ruggedness of exterior construction, we understand each component's differences and necessary harmony.

Roof Repair

You can't afford to cut corners on your structure's weather shield. Our new home roofing and insulation is build to last and cut costs. Our replacement roofing recommendations will not fail like the poor choices of the uneducated contractors before us, who are long gone.

Billings Experts

Mora Construction has been a leading provider for Billings Montana Home Construction and General Contracting for over 80 years. We are regional home construction experts and understand the city, its region, the landscape and weather.

Siding & Windows

Cold Winters and hot Summers take their tolls on houses that were built with old practices or by untrained designers and builders. Mora Construction can refit your home with the best siding and windows and make sure the recommendations are the best fit for your efficiency upgrades.

Latest Styles

Although timeless is always a mission, we understand the appeal of the latest design styles and global trends. That's why we stay on the edge of design techniques, the newest materials, building methods, finishing options and color trends.

The First Choice

The Billings Home Construction experts at Mora Construction are the First Choice for Quality Home Builders. Since 1932 we've helped design and build homes in Billings Montana.

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