Storm Damage

Billings' region's 2014 hail and wind storm damage to homes and properties left owners with a lot of repairs to make.

Mora Construction has extensive experience working with Storm damage and can both help you assess and repair damaged portions of roofing, siding, gutters, and other property structures.


The best design and building brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living environment, whether it’s a brand new home or a fresh addition to your space.

Mora Construction is the First Choice in Quality with over 80 years of design build experience in Billings Montana: satisfied clients and proven home endurance.

When your project is finished, it's done. We maintain our reputation of "designing and building it right the first time."

First in Quality

  • Hail, Wind & Storm Damage Repair
  • Design Planning and Construction
  • Additions & Remodels
  • Interiors and Exteriors
  • End-to-End Project Management

“There is a flood of Billings Montana Contractors, but few I felt comfortable with ... Mora Construction has nice people, clear estimates, timely project finishes and I feel like I received a fair deal and quality work. I appreciated the project follow-up too. This company is genuinely interested in customer satisfaction.”


Lisa Knowlton

Breath of Yoga Studio, Billings

“We didn't know what hail damage looked like - other than the obvious holes in plastic and siding, but thanks to the experts at Mora Construction, we identified other extensive damage and know the exact steps to repair our structures, the right way, with a Local Company we've trusted for years."


Pat Whitmer

Property Owner in Central Billings

What Our Clients Say About Mora Construction


Mora Construction was established in Billings, Montana in 1932 and the legacy of fine craftsmanship continues today in the Billings, Montana Construction Community.

A Family Tradition of Excellence for Over 80 Years.

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