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A Family Tradition of Excellence for over 80 years.
That's the building talent at Mora Construction in Billings, Montana.


Mora Construction spans three generations of design build excellence ... and that is a lot of construction in Billings Montana. We can safely say we have a name in building the city, and providing quality design and planning for all of our clients for more than eight decades.

With 80 years of designing and building comes an experience pool that has depth and veteran knowledge that is impossible to match for newer "out to make a quick buck" companies.

Mora Construction focuses on the best design, high end craftsmanship and quality project management.

Decades of Know-How: Billings Building Design and Construction Planning

Our plans are carefully developed from your dreams. We combine your inspiration with our familiarity with design, construction, the regional landscape, seasons and structural requirements, and do what it takes to design and build your environment to last more than a lifetime ... and get it right the first time.

Why Mora Construction for Billings?

Mora Construction, Billings Montana


Founded: 1932, Owner: David Mora


Expertise: Construction in Billings, Montana: design, building, and project management from start-to-finish.

Phone: 406-855-6327

Company Profile

Decades of High Quality Craftsmanship and Billings Construction that Endures

We build everything the smart way and straight. From the inside out, starting with the foundation and frame to the interior and exterior finishing, our work is seamless, professional, looks outstanding and lasts.

Decades of Smart Precautions: Knowing where to Save Money and Spend Money

Every design build project has money-saving opportunities as well as situations where above-code quality is required. We understand these building sensitivities and make recommendations for the best approaches to complex projects. Our structures last.

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